Women often work physically demanding jobs to bring in critical income and care for their household, all while raising or trying to have children. They are core to a household.

After spending extensive time with women, we discovered a major pain point for them: iron-deficiency anemia. They're living mostly off of rice, and getting less than 600 calories a day. Anemia can yield up to a 30% loss in productivity due to headaches, weakness and repeat infection, and affects 11 million women 18 to 40 in India's urban slums alone. Yet, iron-rich foods are available locally and sold at an affordable price.











To combat this, we equip women with the information, tools and support to act. We help women track their iron, recommend and sell iron-rich ingredients to them based on their budget, taste preferences, and time limitations. 



During our prototype evaluation, we've increased the iron intake of women from 30% to 70%, and increased their calorie intake by 1.5. Women have also reported a decrease in headaches and repeat infections.